why we are Democrats

I choose to belong to a party of inclusion. A party that includes the affluent and the working perspective.

A party that looks out for the "least among us" whether we be old, minority, women, immigrant, sick, children...


I am a Democrat because I too believe in the fundamental right of all Americans to participate in our nations prosperity.

I believe in a government that enhances the lives of its citizens with affordable health care, cleaner environment, strong living standards, and an innovative educational system.  Most of all...


I am a Democrat because I believe in the will of the people.

I am a Democrat because I believe in the lives of the everyday people that make up our country...

I am a Democrat because I know Democrats put the people first, and the country is a better place when a Democrat is in office...


I believe in a clean environment...

Democratic Governor Adlai Stevenson at the 1952 Convention,

"what counts now is not what we are against, but what we are for.  Who leads us is less important than what lead - what convictions, what courage, what faith - win or lose."


I am a Democrat first and foremost because Democrats embrace diversity, equality, and individualism...

I am a Democrat because we are a party that passionately believes in sporting the goals and ideals of those folks in America whose voices must be heard the most- mothers, fathers, children, teachers, police officers, nurses, students, the elderly, the middle class, the working class, the poor, the homeless,

the hungry, the sick, and the needy....


We have always known that heedless self-interest was bad morals;

We know now that it is bad economics. Out of the collapse of a prosperity whose builders boasted their practicality has come the conviction that in the long run economic morality pays."



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