Join Our Team

President Jeb Bartlett (West Wing) pounds his head on his deskDid you wake up the morning of Nov. 9th after the presidential election last year thinking you’d never get out of bed again? Were you depressed until June of 2017? Do you turn on the news each day saying, “What has he done now?” Can you believe that “Trumpism” is taking root in Georgia? Do you want to do something positive and fun to wake up from this nightmare?

If you answered “yes” to those questions, it’s time to join the Glynn Dems Team of Candidates.

photos of elected Georgia Democrats
Glynn Dems are committed to having a Democratic candidate competing for every office on the ballot in November 2018, and you could be one of those candidates. Even if you have no idea what is involved in running for office, we can help you learn and help you get ready. It’s as important to be in the game as it is to win. On Nov. 7th, the morning after the 2018 off-year elections, you will know that you didn’t just sit back and watch our country dissolve into a bunch of greedy politicians passing laws to repay their wealthy donors. You will have fought the good fight, and you might win.

Get involved to make a difference. To toss your hat in the ring, do these things now:

  • Download and read about races open for 2018.
  • Email Linda Muir, Glynn Democrats Candidate Selection Committee, and request a Glynn Dems Candidate Handbook. Let her know you are interested in running for office.
  • Ask the Glynn Dem Candidate Selection Committee to help you find the best fit for you. Don’t worry if you don’t know anything about running. We will help.
  • Click here to review the Democratic Qualifying Packet provided by the Secretary of State.
  • The Democratic Primary Elections are May 22, 2018. PLEASE NOTE: The qualifying period for the primaries is March 5-9, ending at noon March 9, 2018.

Time is running out. Just do it. Do your part to help our county, state and country return to our democratic foundations and to the values of kindness, honesty and equality that are missing in today’s politics. Join the Glynn Dems Team of Candidates. We will have your back. It’s important to our county and our country. And it might just be lots of fun.