Offices Open

[jwl-utmce-widget id=3674]Positions in Glynn County and statewide up for election in 2018.

Federal offices

U.S. Congress


State offices

Glynn County Offices

City of Brunswick

  • Mayor: Cornell Harvey, re-elected 2017 (four-year-term)
  • Board of commissioners
    • North Ward commissioner: Vincent T. Williams, re-elected 2017 (two-year-term)
    • North Ward commissioner: John Cason, term expires 2019
    • South Ward commissioner: Felicia Harris, re-elected 2017 (two-year-term)
    • South Ward commissioner: Julie T. Martin, term expires 2019

Brunswick-Glynn County Joint Water and Sewer Commission

  • Commission members:
    • At-large Post 1 (non-partisan): Steven Copeland, term expires 2018
    • At-large Post 2 (non-partisan): Clifford Adams (vice-chairman), term expires 2018
    • Donald M. Elliott, (chairman), term expires 2020
    • Grand jury appointment: Robert Bowen, term expires 2017
    • Glynn County appointment: Michael Browning (serving two-year term based on Glynn County election)
    • City of Brunswick appointment: Cornell L. Harvey (serving two-year term based on city election)