Running for Office

Spotlit Press Podium by Albund (Dreamstime)

[jwl-utmce-widget id=3674]Our mission is to elect Democrats at the local, state and national level. If you are considering running for office, we want to help. We can answer your questions, connect you with training, and empower you to make the decision.

The Glynn County Democratic Committee intends to do its part to “Turn Georgia Blue” by electing Democratic candidates up and down the ballot.

To achieve our goal at the local level,
the committee must ensure that qualified, capable and well-funded candidates run for local offices.

Fielding a full slate of Democratic candidates capable of winning in every election in Glynn County is one of our key missions. To succeed, we will build the pro le and viability of the Democratic Party in Glynn County by giving voters a better choice at the ballot box.

Because the committee may not endorse candidates in a primary election, the committee will use its best e orts to encourage candidates to run for an office where they will be unopposed in the primary.

In contested Democratic primaries, the committee cannot support or endorse one candidate over another until a winner is chosen to run in the general election.

Offices open in 2019-20