Strategic Plan

JANUARY 23, 2017

The Mission of the Glynn County Democratic Committee is to build, solidify and activate the base of Democratic voters in the county and help to elect Democrats at the local, state and national level.

The year of 2017 will be a building year so that the Committee will be successful in meeting its Mission in the off-year elections of 2018.

I. The Com mittee w ill adopt Five Strategies in 2017.

  1. Focus on Environment, Education, Health Care, the Economy, Voting Rights and Women’s Rights as the Major Issues that define what Democrats stand
  2. Raise the Committee’s profile and
  3. Activate the five Commission Districts and grow membership and involvement in each district.
  4. Using the recently adopted Glynn Dems Candidate Selection Process, select, support and elect qualified candidates for all local office positions that will be up for election in 2017 and
  5. Fundraise to support the Committee’s strategic


Strategy 1 : Focus on Major Issues

Democrats stand for:

  • Protecting the Environment and promoting renewable energy as a means to control or reverse climate change
  • Ensuring that accessible, affordable, quality Education is available to everyone
  • Preserving the benefits of the Affordable Care Act and improving it to make it better so that all Americans can maintain good health by having access to affordable, quality Health Care
  • Building and Maintaining a strong Economy through smart investment that promotes job creation and growth in the middle class
  • Remaining vigilant and involved to preserve and improve the rights of women and minorities, including Voting Rights, the Right to Choose and Marriage Equality.


Strategy 2 : Raise the Committee’s Profile and Effectiveness

  • Take public positions on the Major Issues as they relate to Glynn County (for example, protest locally the repeal of the ACA, advocate regarding coal ash disposal in Jesup, comment regarding the school board budget, encourage local economic development efforts that build on clean energy and high tech, and educate and register new voters over the next two years)
  • Plan and host monthly programs to address the Major Issues
  • Develop a communications and marketing plan to inform the community about the Major Issues and the Committee’s positions on them, the reasons to be a Democrat, and the benefits of becoming a member of the Glynn County Democratic Party (See Strategy 5 – Fundraise, below)
  • Build on the efforts to activate the Districts (see Strategy 3, Activate the Districts, below) and to have informational programs to hold an Issues Conference for Glynn County Democrats to meet and share ideas
  • Organize affinity groups to mirror those at the DPG level and invite them to “Dine Democratically!”)
  • Continue to take a leadership role to build and organize county Democratic Committees throughout the First Congressional District and to work with the Democratic Party of Georgia (DPG) to accomplish its strategic plans
  • Develop a 2018 Elections Strategy designed to get the vote out to elect Democrats up and down the ballot


Strategy 3 : Activate the Districts

  • The District Representatives will organize and hold monthly District meetings in their districts on the 2d Monday (or another day if preferred) in each month to (1) inform the members in that District about the Major Issues and about activities and events in the area, (2) encourage discussion of any issues of concern to the members in the District, and (3) invite the members to attend the Committee’s next monthly program meeting
  • The District Representatives will organize a District Watchdog Group to attend monthly meetings and become knowledgeable about their assigned governmental entity (County Commission, City Commission, School Board, State Representatives, etc.) and will report to the Committee and include any Major Issues that arise
  • Compile and maintain District Directories to be able to communicate with and activate the Democrats in each District by precinct
  • Sign up members in each District to become involved as dues-paying members and to sign up to be volunteers to man the table at First Friday, show up at fundraisers, become part of a Watchdog Group,
  • Inform members in the district of the Candidate Selection Process (See Strategy 4)
  • Hold special events and fundraisers in the district (See Strategy 5)


Strategy 4 : Implement the Candidate Selection Process (CSP) 

  • The First Vice Chair will form the Candidate Selection Committee to undertake its duties set out in the CSP
  • Dedicate a part of each monthly meeting to candidate selection, starting with educating the Committee about the process and how it will work
  • Gather information from the Watchdog Groups regarding current office holders and opportunities to challenge them in coming elections
  • District Representatives will inform district members about the CSP and look for potential candidates among the members in their districts


Strategy 5 : Fundraise to Support Initiatives

  • Institute annual membership dues in an amount to be determined by the Committee (this will require setting up a system to take membership applications, enter membership information, and add new members to the database)
  • Schedule regular events and include fundraising at each one (for example, at each of the District Meet and Greets, sell t-shirts, ask for donations, enlist new members)
  • Set up a table at every monthly general program meeting to enroll new members and accept donations
  • Obtain the necessary technology to be able to accept credit card payments on the spot

II.  The Com mittee will Restructure and Reorganize to maximize its ability to implement the Five Strate gies to achieve its Missio n.

In addition to the roles and responsibilities set out in the Bylaws, members of the Committee will serve, as follows, to implement the Five Strategies.

  1. District Representatives will organize and activate their districts, hold monthly district meetings and lead Watchdog Groups to become the eyes and ears of the Committee at government
    1. Audrey Gibbons and Linda Muir will co-chair the District Representatives Committee to implement Strategy
    2. Watchdog Group assignments are as follows:
      1. District 1 – School Board
      2. District 2 – County Commission
  • District 3 – Georgia State House & Senate
  1. District 4 – Brunswick City Commission
  2. District 5 – Joint Water & Sewer Commission
  1. At-Large Representatives will support and assist the District Representatives and other Committee Chairs by attending meetings, participating in events and community outreach.
    1. Audrey Gibbons and Steve Spears will co-chair the At-Large Representatives Committee
    2. The At-Large Representatives Committee may allocate specific responsibilities based upon the interests of the members and the needs of the District Representatives and other Committee Chairs for support and
  2. The Chair will be responsible for organizing monthly Executive Committee Meetings and General Meetings as well as for the Committee’s governance and succession plans. The Chair will also be the spokesperson for the Committee and will approve all communications and marketing
  3. The First Vice Chair will chair the Candidate Selection Committee and lead the efforts to implement the Candidate Selection
  4. The Second Vice Chair will work with the Chair and the Committee to develop special events, fundraising and community outreach and marketing subcommittees, which may be comprised of volunteers under the leadership of the Subcommittee Chairs, who shall be Committee members in each
  5. The Secretary will be responsible for the Strategic Planning Process and coordinating the implementation and updating of the Strategic
  6. The Treasurer will be responsible for managing the Committee’s Financial Plan, Budget and financial records and will maintain the Committee’s Membership Database with a record of all dues payments. The Treasurer will lead the membership committee, which may be comprised of volunteers under the leadership of the
  7. State Representatives will attend all meetings of the State Democratic Committee, communicate with DPG staff and report to the Committee regarding DPG
  8. Board of Election Representatives will serve on the Board of Elections to protect the interests of the